Ways To Take Your Outdoor Technology Design to The Next-Level...


Are you ready to convert your patios and decks into proper outside entertainment areas? An outdoor screening area is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Especially if you have the right outdoor technology. Just make sure you contact a professional technician so you do not create safety hazards and insurance liabilities in your own backyard.

TVs and Speakers With Outdoor Durability

When considering a TV be sure and choose an outdoor TV. Indoor TV's are sensitive to moisture and exposure to direct sunlight. Outdoor TVs are built to endure outdoor climates and hold up in extreme heat and cold, snow, rain, insects, humidity, and dust. Remember that outdoors will diminish the sound quality. So consider outdoor speakers. Speakers need to be all-weather landscape speakers that will blanket your outdoor spaces with rich beautiful audio while blending in with the outdoors ambiance.


Professional Integrators Keep It Safe for Your Family and Friends

Durability and aesthetic considerations are most important to consumers, safety issues, and insurance liabilities should also be major considerations. While every insurance claim is looked at on a case-by-case basis if electrical damage is caused because indoor electronics were used outside it is possible you might be found negligent and the claim denied. Binge-watch your favorite Netflix show and enjoy watching the big game while you are getting the grill on but be sure your electric installation and your electronics are outdoor electronics.

Outdoor Wireless Access Points

The best way to extend your home's network to your backyard is by adding a wireless access point. That extends your network's range allowing you to enjoy your favorite media or stay productive while you're enjoying the outdoors. So many are now working from home. With wireless access, you are not confined to your home office. Work outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Stream your tunes out by the pool. Enjoy your favorite podcast, mobile app, or game without worrying about a lousy WiFi connection.

The technology, once so expensive, is now more accessible than ever. Why not enhance your yard with a weather-ready screen and some open-air speakers and a wireless excess point. Work, relax, and entertain at home in your own back yard.

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SimpTech Solutions Outdoor Technology Capabilities 

Your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor living space. Relax in the back yard with your family and friends listening to tunes. Change music playlists right from your smart phone. Enjoy a sports game on the TV no matter the temperature with minimal glare even on a bright day. Operate from a smart remote control or the control app on your smart phone. Control the pool temperate, pump, and waterfall effect for the perfect pool and relaxed experience. As the day winds down the lights adjust automatically for the right vibe and increased security.

  • Smart Home Control
  • Outdoor Entertainment
  • Lighting Control
  • Pool / Spa Control
  • Security
  • Audio / Video

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About SimpTech Solutions


SimpTech Solutions operates as a residential and commercial electronics systems design and integration firm to deliver simple, flexible, and feature-rich technology solutions for customers across Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. Why Choose SimpTech Solutions? Because we listen to you! Once we fully understand what you want, we can put together a solution to fulfill all your needs and your greatest desires.

  • Guidance – The knowledge to educate you on the latest technologies available and discuss how they might benefit your lifestyle.
  • Personalization – The skill to create or upgrade an electronic system that is uniquely yours.
  • Convenience – All work from design to installation to user training is done for you. We handle all the details to bring you a great end result.
  • Integration – The expertise to unite several separate electronic components together so they function as an easy-to-use cohesive system.

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