Automated Lighting Control - A Good Starting Point On Your Way to Full Building Automation


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that lighting accounts for about 40% of a commercial building's electricity usage. With changes in manufacturing and information technology, commercial building's energy consumption by 69% from 1980-2009 and is expected to rise another 22% by 2035.


Automating Your Lighting Controls Can Create a Huge Return on Investment

Automated Lighting Systems can bring a savings of up to 60% for some companies. Companies can also show the public that they have a smaller carbon footprint A savings in real costs and a better community reputation packs a huge punch.

Automated Lighting Systems, Security Systems, and HVAC Systems Go Hand in Hand

When people leave an area of the building and arm it for the night the lighting and heating/cooling in the area can be brought down to a minimum. Areas of the building can sit in darkness with less climate control until someone swipes the door with a card which will turn the lights and the HVAC system on in that area. It all adds up to a huge potential cost savings that is very hard for companies to ignore.

The Components of an Automated Lighting System

  • Manual Options - On/off switches and dimming controls
  • Occupancy Sensors - Detecting whether rooms are occupied or not
  • Photo Sensors - Detecting how much light is in an area and then adding just the right amount of artificial light
  • Scheduling - Turning on, off, and dimming lights es at certain times of day
  • Centralized Control System - A system will be needed to manage all the options
  • Communication Systems - Communication between lighting, security, and HVAC systems
  • Measurement Systems - A way to measure, display, and respond to all your systems

The Potential for Energy Savings

A meta-analysis of energy savings potential reported in Quantifying National Energy Savings Potential of Lighting Controls in Commercial Buildings used 240 savings estimates from 88 published sources to generate estimates of some of the following average savings due to Automated Lighting Controls...

  • 24% savings for occupancy
  • 28% savings for daylighting
  • 31% savings for personal tuning
  • 36% savings for institutional tuning
  • 38% savings for combined approaches

SimpTech Solutions can determine how to incorporate automated building solutions in your facility to improve the operational efficiency of your company. We would be glad to discuss solutions that would provide a return on investment and improve the comfort of your workplace.

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