Fall in Love with Your Next Smart House

Closeup of a Control4 interface resting on a countertop. 

The Home of Your Dreams May Be Closer Than You Think

Introducing your next smart house in Dayton, OH! It is a place tailored to your needs, designed by a team of professionals at Beacon Audio Video Systems to reflect and enhance your family’s technology-driven lifestyle. It simplifies your life through automation, offers you the latest audio and video solutions, and keeps everyone at ease, knowing that you and your family are always protected. Inside and out, it is a home above anything else. Best of all, it is a dream that may be a lot closer to reality than you think. 

Here is what a short walk through your next smart house could look like and how the experts at Beacon can help you get there. 

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Whole-Home Automation

From the moment you arrive at the door, the motion sensors across the front yard and a video doorbell are aware of your presence. The doorbell’s two-way intercom is a neat feature to give delivery drivers instructions on where to leave a package or to remotely let the kids in next time they lose their phone and keys. You use the Control4 app on your phone to unlock the door and step inside. The lights turn on, the motorized shades roll up, and the Paradigm speakers start playing your favorite song. Every product and technology system in the house was installed and integrated by Beacon, giving you absolute control of your home at the tap of a screen, but where should you go next?

A Quick Stop at the Home Theater

There is no place like a home theater, and you are in no rush. You see the plush seats and acoustic treatments along the walls, a perfect complement to the Hi-Fi AV surround-sound system and high-definition 4K TV. The lights on the ceiling and sconces on the walls are both programmed to dim at the start of the movie, but you can’t stay for the whole show. It is time to step outside and check out what the backyard has to offer. Before leaving, you speak a command into the Control4 universal controller, pause the movie, and stream it to the TV on the yard. 

Finishing the Day Outdoors

The backyard looks and sounds amazing, thanks to a strong home network. The Sunbrite TV, with patented anti-glare technology, offers a crisp image even under direct sunlight. You sit down and use a Control4 interface to roll down the power shades and hit play. 

It may sound like a dream, but your next smart house may be a lot closer than you think. Contacting us is the first step to make it happen! 

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