Home Theater Tips - Hot Trends To Take Into Consideration When Building Your Home Theater


Home theater use is at an all time high given all the streaming video choices families have these days from Netflix to Amazon to Hulu, as well as, traditional cable offerings and sports packages. Also, the price of the audiovisual equipment used in home theaters has never been more affordable. Here are some of the latest trends we're seeing in home theaters...

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Is An Office Relocation In Your Future? You'll Need a New Audiovisual System Design For the New Space...


ne of the best times to design your company's audiovisual solutions or unified communications technology is when you are planning on moving to a new office space. As you design your new office's physical layout, it's best to design the audiovisual plan at the same time to create a seamless design. 

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Bridging the Communications Gap With Video Collaboration and Conferencing Solutions...


Having great communications and being agile are huge assets and differentiators for a business these days. When your teams and customers are separated by geography, the chance of miscommunication increases exponentially. Miscommunication can lead to lost sales and a bad reputation.

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Designing & Building a Home Theater #3 - Creating A Home Theater System To Be Used in a Medium Shared Environment


This guide will help you design and build a home theater. Once you know your available space and budget for your home theater project, you can starting selecting equipment. This series will deal with what's involved in building a home theater and not delve into specific product selection. Technology is fast moving and today's new hot equipment can become yesterday's news very quickly. We've learned how to setup a small shared space and now we'll dig into what you need to lookout for when you have a medium shared space available. 

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