Video Conferencing Equipment Makes Your Home Office More Productive

Video Conferencing Equipment Makes Your Home Office More Productive

The Continued Growth of Work-from-Home Means You Need Better Ways to Communicate and Collaborate

Whether you have worked from home for years or were drafted into the process, a recent NBC News article clearly shows the trend has staying power. While the option for the remote office has been on the rise for a decade, many companies are looking to make it part of their long-term plans.

The key to any business's success is communication. The ability to clearly and concisely express ideas and share information generates collaboration and success. Expert installation of video conferencing equipment in your home office offers the tools to stand out, helps you sound more authoritative, and ensures your concepts are better remembered by participants. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home office in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding region with a more professional appearance and workflow? Learn more by continuing to read below.

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Perform at Your Best 

While the work-from-home model shows that people perform as well and often more efficiently as they do in an office environment, there is a noted desire for more interpersonal interactions. When meeting virtually, the platforms and equipment we use must foster connections, operating seamlessly and with a natural flow. 

Before any equipment is specified or a quote is created, our certified staff starts by listening to you. Once we understand your expectations, workflow, and unique needs, only then can we begin to build a system suited to you.  

Your video conferencing equipment should ensure that you are seen and heard as near to the in-person experience as possible, bringing forth your personality, confidence, and expressiveness. When you are confident about your communications, presentations go smoother, allowing you to concentrate on growing business opportunities. 

Enterprise-Level at Home

Your home network is often pushed to the limit, from streaming movies in your home theater to delivering audiophile-quality sound to your televisions and mobile devices. The last thing you want to experience on a business call is a loss of signal or the dreaded buffering pinwheel.  

To ensure consistent and secure connections, you require enterprise-class hardware. Our dedicated networks manage data and prioritize data, emphasizing video conferencing packets over all others.

By creating a virtual LAN on your switch, we partition the rest of your home from the office, employing rigorous security factors. The segmentation means that, while your office equipment uses the same ISP as your teenage gamer, no one can gain access to your work computer. 

Live, Work, and Play

At Beacon, we are dedicated to building homes that enhance your luxury lifestyle, from stunning entertainment options to creating comfort at the touch of a button. Are you looking to improve the way you work from home? Call us at 973-723-9587 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation or schedule a time in our C4-certified showroom. We look forward to working with you!

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